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At DataSearch, we’re putting nearly 5 decades of experience supporting the medical industry to work for our clients. We offer innovative solutions to accounts receivable management and debt collection that include incredible customer service and the latest technological advances. Find out how we can save your company time and money today.




Extended Business Office Management

Improve your processes by letting DataSearch become an extension of your business office. You will be adding over 48+ years of medical industry recovery experience to your team, which will reduce your workloads and streamline your revenue cycle. Extended Business Office Management will reduce A/R days, increase your cash, and reduce the amount being written off to bad debt.   We also specialize in improving patient goodwill.  Moreover, your internal team will have more time to work on larger commercial claims.

First- and Second-Party Collection Services

When bad-debt services are required, you can count on over 48 years of collection services EXCLUSIVE to the medical industry.  You can also count on our expertise with FDCPA and HIPAA compliance.  DataSearch is a 48 year member in good standing with American Collectors International of credit and collection professionals.

Insurance Recovery Management

DataSearch will perform all phases of insurance recovery management including denials, underpayments, audit and appeal, and all required follow-ups. We will also provide your staff with the necessary tools to help reduce denials in the future.

DataSearch insurance recovery services have recovered over $1billion to our medical clients.

A/R Work Down

Many healthcare providers choose not to move existing A/R from old to new systems.  DataSearch can provide complete revenue cycle services for you’re A/R work down project needs.