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About DataSearch

DataSearch Inc. is a full-service account receivable management organization exclusively devoted to the healthcare industry throughout the United States. Since our beginning in 1973, we have endeavored to provide a professional approach to reducing client costs in their search for accounts receivable solutions. Technology has provided us a method to manage large volumes of client accounts receivable needs that results in a proven approach in increasing cash flow.

In order to maximize cash recovery, our call center teams operate with some of the most advanced technology available in the collection industry. We utilize Interactive Voice Response (IVR), automated predictive dialing, and automated routing of incoming calls. This is the technology that allows DataSearch to customize programs to meet your specific needs and applications.  In short, our technology ensures maximum contact and coverage of your accounts. Our DataSearch call center teams are located in the South-Central United States.  We do not outsource any of our call center to offshoring operations. 

All DataSearch operations are located in San Antonio Texas.